2024-25 Chapter Officer Elections

The 2024-25 Chapter Officer Elections will be held at the June 05, 2024 in-person session at the Paramount Venue at 1300.

Chapter members (in good standing) can nominate themselves or someone else (with their consent) for the open positions (details to be posted soon).  The Description of Chapter Volunteer Positions documents has details on each of the chapter officer position resposibilities.

Please volunteer to ensure that our chapter continues to thrive.

2024 June Training Session

When: June 05, 2024 - 1300-1630
Where: Paramount Venue (in person) & Zoom
Registration: Zoom Registration Link [please register on Zoom even if you want to attend in person]
Cost:  Free
CPEs: Upto 3
Handouts: Will Be Uploaded When available

Session I Chapter Annual General Meeting & Chapter Officer Elections

Session II Better Together: Why IS Leaders Make Good Privacy Champions

In this presentation, I will break down the fundamentals of the average information security and risk management program and compare and contrast those fundamentals to that of the average privacy program. The result: it might surprise IS leaders to find out just how much they have in common with privacy leaders.

Speaker: Mike Pedrick

Mike Pedrick, a 20-year veteran of the IT/IS space, left an executive leadership role more than ten years ago to help bring the gospel of information security, risk management, and security/privacy by design to organizations in all industries and of all shapes and size via his consulting work. He provides training and mentorship to cybersecurity professionals as a longtime educator, including his work as the Certification Coordinator for the ISACA Denver Chapter.

Session III Cyber Threats & Trends as Observed by the FBI  [Will be in-person only]

During the session, FBI Special Agent Jessica Nye will discuss financially motivated and nation state cyber actors as well as the Insider Threat to include how they are gaining access to systems and best ways to mitigate from these threats.

Speaker: Jessica Nye, Special Agent, FBI

Special Agent Jessica Nye has worked complex cyber intrusion investigations for the FBI for over 17 years. SA Nye has served on the FBI's Cyber Squad in Raleigh, NC for the past eight years. Prior to her arrival in North Carolina in 2015, SA Nye spent eight years working in the Baltimore Field Office on their Cyber Squad and two years at FBI Cyber Division Headquarters in Washington DC. She has significant experience working cyber-related matters including computer intrusion investigations, intellectual property (IP) rights violations, theft of trade secrets, economic espionage, crimes against children and other investigations.





ISACA Volunteer Opportunities

Please take a look at the ISACA Internattional global volunteer opportunities page and apply and share new opportunities to get involved. ISACA is seeking a wide variety of volunteers. The application close dates all differ so apply ASAP. 

Some opportunities are only visible to members or certification-holders, so please be sure to log in to view all opportunities for you. Here is a sample of what we're currently seeking to fill:

  • Risk Scenarios Development Task Force
  • EU Advocacy Task Force
  • Journal Readership Feedback Interviews
  • CISM Questions, Answers, Explanations Manual (QAE) Item Writer (CISM required)
  • Chapter Award Reviewer (2022 Awards)
  • Journal Article Reviewer (membership required)
  • ISACA Global Achievement & Hall of Fame nomination reviewer
  • CISM QAE Manual Quality Assurance Team (CISM required)
  • Internal Control Objectives for Sarbanes-Oxley Book & Figure Reviewers
  • Open Source Video Bites
  • SheLeadsTech Ambassadors
  • EVOLVE: Emerging Tech Conference Speaker Submissions (due 11 June)